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Visitor Visa – Interview Preparation Questions

Sample answers to common questions during the US tourist visa interview are given here. The exact questions may vary, but this article can give you some idea of what to expect during the visitor visa interview.


Q: Why do you want to travel to the USA?

A: For tourism purposes and to visit our son/daughter. 
We want to visit places such as Niagara Falls, Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. These are within a driveable distance from our daughter’s town. If possible, we will also like to visit Las Vegas and California. (Change your answer accordingly.)

Q: Why do you want to visit only at this time?

A: Our son/daughter has arranged for his/her leave from work during that time frame. We are planning to visit the US in the summer months when the weather will be good for tourism. Also, we want to visit the US before we get old, so that we can enjoy all the tourist places fully.

If planning to visit during the winter months, you can say you would like to experience fall colors, snow, celebrate Christmas and New Year in the US, etc.

Q: How long will you stay in the US?

A: X number of months.

Q: Why do you want a 6-month visa? Can’t you finish your trip in a shorter time?

A: The US is a large country and there is a lot to see. At an old age, we can’t visit many places in a hurry. Moreover, our son/daughter can not take leave from work for a long period at one time. We would like to experience different seasons in the US and also spend some time with our son/daughter and their family. We want to see fall colors/snow or celebrate Christmas, Independence Day (fireworks), New Year, etc. in the US However, a shorter visa would also be acceptable if you feel that is appropriate.

Q: Where will you stay in the US?

A: At XYZ street, city, state, zip. Memorize the address and make sure it is the same as the one you provided in your visa application.

Q: How much do you expect this trip to cost?

A: My son/daughter is going to take care of all the expenses. Be prepared to show all the sponsor documents.

Sponsor and relatives in USA

Q: Who is sponsoring you?

A: Our son/daughter.

Q: Is your son/daughter married?

A: Yes/No.

Q: Does your son/daughter have any children?

A: Yes/No.

Q: Is your daughter/daughter-in-law currently pregnant?

A: Yes/No/I don’t know. Be truthful.

Q: What is your daughter’s birth date?


Q: What is your son-in-law’s birth date?


Q: What is the date of your daughter’s wedding anniversary?

A: XYZ. It may be helpful to have some wedding photographs handy.

Q: What will you do at home when your daughter and son-in-law go out to work?

A: Our daughter doesn’t work as she is on an H4 visa (not allowed to work). She has a car of her own and we plan to drive around to visit nearby places.

Q: What does your daughter do?

A: Our daughter is a home-maker.

Q: What does your son-in-law do?

A: He is a mechanical engineer working for a mechanical engineering software company named, XYZ, in XYZ city, XYZ state.
Be prepared to show proof of employment and other financial papers just in case.

Q: Where does your daughter and son-in-law stay in the US?

A: XYZ city, XYZ state. Memorize the names of the towns thoroughly – this is the primary place you will be visiting in the US, so you should know its name properly. You don’t have to tell the complete address, just the city and the state.

Q: Can I have the contact details of your son/daughter?

A: Provide the phone number and email address. Memorize them. Make sure they are the same as the ones in the visa documents.

Q: How long has it been since the last time you met your daughter?

A: This is an important question and should be answered carefully and confidently as per the reality of your case. 

Answer for a special case is shown here: 
Answer: Our daughter is currently here, visiting us and her other relatives. We would like to travel with her to the US She will be taking us around the US for sightseeing. Then after a few months, the two of us will return to our home country while our daughter will continue to stay there with her husband. We have never traveled internationally before, and it will be much more comfortable for us to travel in our daughter’s company.

Q: Do you have relatives in the US? Who are they?

A: Yes/No.
Our son/daughter is there. Don’t reveal the details of other relatives unless asked first.

Q: How long has your son/daughter been in the US?

A: For X number of years.

Q: What is the legal status (What visa) of your son/daughter?

A: My son is on an H1 visa, my daughter-in-law is on an H4 visa (Or daughter is on an H1 visa, son-in-law is on an H4 visa etc.) 
My son/daughter is a green card holder. 
My son/daughter is a US citizen. 
Be prepared to show proof of their legal status.

Q: Did your son/daughter study in the US? When/Where/What?

A: Yes/No.
If yes, be prepared with details such as the time, university, major, etc.

Q: When your son/daughter went to the US for the first time, what visa did they enter on?

A: Answer truthfully.

Q: How much does your son/daughter earn per year?

A: $xx,xxx per year. Be prepared to show financial documents such as an employment letter, pay stubs, and income tax returns to support this.

Q: Where does your son/daughter work?

A: At XYZ. Memorize the name of the company.

Q: If your son/daughter is studying, who is paying for it?

A: He/She is paying himself/herself for all the expenses. Additionally, he/she is in the condition to pay for all the expenses for our visit as well. Be prepared to show proof.

Q: When does your son/daughter plan to visit you here next time?

A: They don’t have any fixed plan currently. Maybe next year or the year after that. (If you say the same year, the consulate officer may argue that you don’t need to go to the US if they are already coming to your home country to visit you.)

Q: Do you have any close relatives in the US?

A: Yes/No.

Q: Has anyone filed the green card petition for you?

A: Yes/No

Q: Have you booked airline tickets?

A: Yes/No.

Q: Have you been to the US before?

A: Yes/No.

Q: Have you ever traveled internationally before?

A: Yes/No.

Q: When you visited the US before, how long did you stay?

A: Answer truthfully.

Q: When you visited the US before, did you extend your stay? Can I see the extension approval letter?

A: Yes/No. If you applied for a visitor visa extension, show the proof of the extension (I-797, Notice of Action). If you left the US before your extension got approved, and if your extension was rejected, show the proof that you filed for an extension before your I-94 expired and that you left before the extension was rejected.

Q: Will your wife/husband accompany you on your trip?

A: Answer truthfully. If only you are planning to visit, be prepared for the answer to why. If you are a widow/widower, answer accordingly. Other reasons could be: too busy with business, can’t get enough days off of work to go to the US, need to take care of the family, etc.

Q: When do you plan to travel?

A: In the month of XYZ.

Q: Have you bought your airline tickets?

A: I will buy (our son/daughter will buy) them once we get the visa.

Q: Have you purchased visitor medical insurance?

A: I will buy (our son/daughter will buy) it once we get the visa.

Q: Do you have a credit card?

A: Yes/No. If you have it, show it.


Q: What do you do here?

A: Answer truthfully. e.g., 
I am retired.
I am in the business of XYZ.
I work at XYZ.

Q: Who will take care of your business when you are visiting the US?

A: My partner (or son or someone else) will look after it until I return.

Q: Could you please show me your visiting card (business card)?

A: If you are employed or have a business, show the card. If you are retired or don’t have the card, answer accordingly.

Q: If you are working, how will you go to the US for six months?

A: I have accumulated leave over the past several years. Show the leave approval letter.

Q: Can I see your leave approval?

A: If you are employed, show the leave approval letter. Otherwise, answer accordingly.

Q: When did you retire?

A: Answer truthfully. E.g., in March 1999.

Q: How much pension do you get?

A: Answer truthfully. e.g., Rs. 21,000 per month. 
Also, show the pension book.

Q: What is your annual income?

A: Answer truthfully.
Be prepared to show proof such as a pay check, income tax return, etc. Avoid using the unit, lakh. Instead say one hundred thousand.

Q: Your income is not enough to support your travel to the USA. How will you pay for it?

A: My son/daughter/son-in-law/daughter-in-law is sponsoring the trip. They will take care of all the expenses during the trip. 
Be prepared to show the documents mentioned in the sponsor documents that your sponsor has sent you.

Q: Will you work in the US?

A: No, I am going there for tourism.

Q: Will you do business in the US?

A: No, I am going there for tourism.

Q: What will you do on your return?

A: Answer accordingly.


Q: Will you come back after your visit?

A: Yes, we definitely will.

Q: How can you assure me that you will come back?

A: All our relatives, including our only other daughter and our only grandchild are here. Also, our elderly mother who is partially dependent on us is here. We own two bungalows and a shop in XYZ city. We have a large amount of money in our bank balance. I also run an engineering consultancy business with a partner. (Show documents for all these.)

Q: What property do you have here?

A: Mention whatever you have (e.g., we have a house/flat/shop etc.). Be prepared to show viable proof of those properties.

Q: Who will take care of your property when you are away from home?

A: We have made arrangements with friends/relatives to take care of them while we are away. 
My other son will be taking care of it while we are away.

Q: How many children do you have?

A: Answer accordingly.
Stress upon the children you have in your home country and also if they have grandchildren, be sure to mention them. It would also be good to carry a few family photos proving that.

Q: What relatives do you have in India?

A: Answer accordingly.
If applicable, it would be good to mention the relatives who are dependent upon you, such as old parents, etc. This would further strengthen your case that you will indeed return to your home country.

Q: Where do you stay here (in your country)?

A: Tell the complete address.


Q: Do you pay income tax?

A: Yes/No

Q: What is your annual income?

A: State truthfully.

Q: Are you going to the US for any terrorist activity?

A: No.

Q: Who lives with you currently and what do they do?

A: Answer accordingly.

Q: How many siblings do you have? Where do they live? What do they do? How many children do they have?

A: Answer accordingly.

Q: Do you have a car?

A: Answer accordingly.

Q: How many servants do you have?

A: Answer accordingly.

Q: Who will take care of your house when you are away?

A: Answer accordingly.