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New Zealand FAQ’s

New Zealand FAQ's

1.How to apply for a New Zealand student visa?

As An international full time student studying in New Zealand (NZ) you need one of the three types of study visa:

# Fee paying student visa: for students studying full time up to four years
# Foreign government supported student visa: for students who are receiving a scholarship or loan from a foreign government in order to fund studies
# Pathway student visa: for students who will be studying more than one program consecutively

2. What is Fee paying student visa ?

Students have to Apply for this visa to study full-time in New Zealand. You will need to pay the full cost of your courses and enrol with an approved education provider. With this visa you can Study full-time at the course stated on your visa – this includes schools, tertiary (study after secondary school) and English language study. Student visa conditions require you to attend the place of study endorsed on your visa. # Length of stay upto 4 years # Cost From NZD $375 # Processing time 90% within 67 days

3. Can student work while studying?

Work part-time up to 20 hours a week while studying or full-time in the holidays, depending on your visa conditions.

4. What is a Foreign Government Supported Student Visa?

If you have received a loan or scholarship from a foreign government to continue your education, you can study full time in New Zealand under the Foreign Government Supported Student Visa. To be eligible for this visa, you must provide proof that your tuition fee is covered by a loan or scholarship. This way, you can enter New Zealand and benefit from high-quality universities and educational institutions. This visa is valid for up to four years. If you intend to bring your children or partner in New Zealand, you should know that you cannot include them in your visa application. They must apply for a suitable visa based on their relationship with you. Also, keep in mind that visa holders are only allowed to study in the program specified in their visa, which includes the following:

# Schools
# tertiary (study after secondary school)
# English language study You can apply for this visa if the country supporting your expenses has an education agreement with New Zealand.

5. How long is the student visa issued for?

As a rule of thumb, the student visa is issued for the same length as the study period you’ve paid the tuition fees for.

6. How much funds do students require as living expenses?

It’s NZD$20,000 per year from July 31, 2022, tertiary student visa applicants and NZD$17,000 for prospective international school students.

7. Do you have to show funds for a bachelor’s program for all three years?

No, but a payment plan is required. If a student is planning to study a course for over a year, then a payment plan explaining how the student will fund their future years of study along with evidence of support is required.

8. What is needed to complete admission with an Education provider in NZ?

The requirements may vary but are likely to include an application form, a copy of passport, a certified copy of academic transcripts, and acceptable English language assessment test results (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc.), and an interview (if required by the institute).

9. What are English Language requirements to study in NZ?

They are different and depend on the specialization and level of the selected course. The requirements of the English language are set by NZQA, which must be followed by all education providers in NZ, unless exceptional circumstances. As an example, in cases where students want to pursue a course that leads to registration, such as teaching or nursing, then the English language requirements will be set by the specific council in NZ.

10. Can you get an offer of a place if you do not meet English Language requirements?

Yes. Some institutes also offer 12 or 16-week foundation courses to improve English before starting the desired degree or diploma program.

11. Do you have to be on a student visa to study?

No. Short courses for up to 6 months are available for Working Holiday visa holders and those from visa-waiver countries or on visitor visas are allowed to study courses for up to 3 months.

12.Can you work while studying?

You may be able to work up to 20 hours a week and full time during scheduled vacations, depending on your visa conditions.

13. What is Application Cycle for Newzeland?

New Zealand mostly offers admissions semester-wise which is twice a year.

Semester I- February
The application forms for this intake are released in the month of September of the previous year.
Semester II- September
The application forms for this intake are released in the month of May of the current year.
For the programs offering admissions round the year, there is an intake every month, which results in the admission for the entire year. It is recommended that the applications be submitted at least 4 months prior to the starting date. Applicants should ensure that they apply way before the deadlines New Zealand Universities approach for getting enough time to obtain a student visa.

14. What are Admission Requirements to Study in New Zealand?

To get admission to the top universities in New Zealand, international applicants must have the following proofs or documents to submit:

Proof of language proficiency- You are required to submit IELTS/TOEFL scores to pursue UG or PG programs in Australian Universities
Transcripts/certificates of completion of education from recognized institutions. You must also have your mark sheets.
For admissions to some postgraduate courses, like MBA in New Zealand you will be required to have GMAT test scores.
No standardized tests are required to study UG programs in the universities of New Zealand.
New Zealand Student Visa must be obtained as soon as acceptance is received.

15. What is kiwi student?

The USyd Kiwi Society is a fun and welcoming club of about 150 expatriate Kiwis. We provide a community for New Zealanders to meet one another, have fun, and help each other settle into life in Sydney. We run regular events and deliver a comforting taste of home, both figuratively and literally.

16. Why are New Zealanders called Kiwis?

 The name ‘kiwi’ comes from the curious little flightless bird that is unique to New Zealand. Māori people have always held the kiwi bird in high regard. Their feathers were used to make ‘kahu kiwi’, valuable cloaks worn by tribal chiefs.

17. What is Pathway visas ?

 A Pathway Student Visa is for international students who want to study up to 3 consecutive programmes of study with approved education providers on a single visa.

18. What students can do on pathway visa?

Students can:
stay for up to 5 years
study up to 3 courses, one after the other on a single student visa
work part time for up to 20 hours a week while they are studying and full time in the holidays, depending on their course of study.

19. How pathway works for students?

Pathway Student Visas are long enough to complete a qualification plan.

To stay in New Zealand on a Pathway Student Visa, students still need to meet the pre-requisites for any second and third courses on their study pathway.

20. Benefits for education providers in pathway.

The Pathway Student Visa:

# reduces cost and hassle
# provides certainty for students and their families
# lets students concentrate on their studies rather than having to worry about visa applications, and
makes the transition between courses of study smoother.

21. What is the difference between fee paying student visa and pathway student visa?

Fee paying student visa: for students studying full time up to four years. Foreign government supported student visa: for students who are receiving a scholarship or loan from a foreign government in order to fund studies. Pathway student visa: for students who will be studying more than one program consecutively.

22. What is Exchange Student Visa?

This visa allows you to sign for a full-time course of up to 4 years in New Zealand under an approved student exchange program.

23. What is Conclusion for Newzeland student visa?

Make sure to know these points when you are applying for a New Zealand Student Visa:

# The validity of a New Zealand Student Visa is four years
# Students can also apply through the New Pathway Student Visa Scheme.
# You can apply for more than one course simultaneously
# You can also apply for an NZ study visa if you are a correspondence or distance learning student
# If you want to bring your family members or children to New Zealand, they need to apply for separate visas for themselves based on their relationship with you
# The cost and processing time of the visa varies according to the university
# You can take a part-time job while studying in New Zealand and work up to 20 hours a week during the semester. You can take a full-time job during scheduled vacations.