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  1. Org valid ppt at least for 06 months.
  2. Two colour photo 35x45mm 80% face white background.
  3. Two visa application form dully filled & signed by paxs only, back to back print will not do.
  4. Original Covering letter from applicant on business letter head with company round seal, if having own business, if working in company then covering letter on plain paper will do.
  5. Original Leave letter from company on letter head with mentioning exact leaves dated & with round seal of company.
  6. Indian company Registration copy.
  7. Prsnl Org bank stmnt of applicant for last 03 months with org bank seal & sign on each page.
  8. Prsnl I T paper copies for last 03 years.
  9. Ticket Itenary.
  10. Hotel booing as per tkt copy.
  11. Travel Insurance as per tkt copy.
  12. Day to Day Itenary


  1. DNM Letter – Permit Entry – ( permisoIngreso)
  2. confirmation Letter of Joining ship ( From Mumbai)
  3. confirmation letter of Joining ship (From Argentina]
  4. Employment Contract Letter
  5. CDC Copies
  6. Confirmed to and from air ticket
  7. Passport Copies ( 2)
  8. Photo Specification- white background- Front face( 4cmx 4cm)
  9. Company incorporation certificate copy if having own business
  10. Company bank statement copy for last 03 months of passenger if having own business
  11. Company IT papers copy for last 03 yrs of passenger if having own business