Why Norway

Norway is one of the leading countries conforming to the guidelines from theBologna Process in European higher education. The degree system based on the Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. structure has been successfully implemented, together with the ECTS credits system. By adapting to the European standard in higher education it is easy for students at Norwegian institutions to obtain recognition of their qualifications in other countries.

Country Facts

Norway is the northernmost country of Europe and part of Scandinavia. It is a constitutional monarchy famous for its natural beauty, the midnight sun and northern lights. Traditionally, Norway has been known for its maritime and offshore industries, but heavy investments in ICT and technology have resulted in a diverse and innovative economy. Norway can offer a vast range of experiences and activities for everyone. In the summer, students may enjoy sailing in the fjords and hiking in beautiful forests and mountains. It is also the peak season for music festivals which attract many world-class performers. In the winter, the snowy landscape provides heaps of opportunities for people with all sets of risk appetite. Future students may enjoy skiing and snowboarding at a number of resorts that are often located in close proximity to urban areas providing urban dwellers with an active lifestyle, both summer- and wintertime. Also, Norwegians enjoy an extensive café culture and an exciting nightlife. The official language is Norwegian, but nearly everyone speaks English. Thus, International students should not experience significant barriers to an active social life in a modern country rich on history, nature, culture and all sorts of interesting activities.

Norway offers a unique experience for students. Norwegian institutions of higher education welcome applications from qualified students from all over the world.

Internationalization is a priority for all sectors of the Norwegian education system, and universities and university colleges are working to make their routines and facilities suit international students. Nearly 11 000 such students are currently enrolled at Norwegian institutions of higher education.

Higher Education System

Norway hosts a large number of higher educational institutions. These institutions provide a vast range of options from which students may choose. In Norway, higher education requires students to have completed an internationally recognized upper secondary education equivalent to the upper secondary education in Norway. Please refer to NOKUT for more information, The structure of Norwegian higher education consists of a three-year bachelor’s degree, two-year master’s degree and three-year doctorate degree, each with minimum requirements for entry. This conforms to the Bologna Process which effectively implements a common term and credit structure across Europe. As a result, studies in Norway may open an endless range of opportunities for students who are eager to pursue a further academic, or professional, career in Europe.